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      CLARIS Blue filter cartridge JURA

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      Coffee is 98% water. The better the quality of this base, the purer and more authentic the aroma of the coffee. CLARIS reliably filters water. It remains the optimal ingredient for a perfect coffee: pure water for complete pleasure.

      The new protective formula has been specially designed for modern automatic machines with the One-Touch Cappuccino function. It contains a mineral substance that stabilizes calcium carbonate. In this way, lime does not deposit in the liquid circuit, even if you often prepare steam. This device actively prevents clogging of pipes.


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      Coffee contains 98% water. The better the quality of the water, the purer and less adulterated the aroma. CLARIS reliably filters the water to leave the optimum ingredient for perfect coffee: pure water for pure enjoyment.

      The new protective formula was developed especially with modern automatic machines with a One-Touch Cappuccino function in mind. It contains a mineral which stabilises the calcium carbonate.

      This isn't then deposited in the fluid system, even with frequent steam preparation, actively preventing the pipes from blocking.But CLARIS can offer even more: as well as preventing scale, it also filters many other substances detrimental to flavour and aroma out of the water. But the minerals and fluorides that are important for health are retained.

      Suitable for all types of mains water
      CLARIS Blue works according to the professional up-flow principle and always filters exactly the amount of water required for each preparation. Thanks to the pioneering formula, the filter cartridges are ideally suited to mains water anywhere in the world. The modified granule always filters limescale to an optimum level (even when the water hardness is low) and reduces the level of all harmful substances more efficiently than ever before. Minerals and fluorides that are important for helping flavours to develop are fully retained in the water. The optimum stabilisation of limescale and efficient filtering of harmful substances always results in optimum water quality for a perfect coffee flavour.

      Used correctly CLARIS removes the need for descaling completely. This makes your machine easier to use and saves you valuable time. Clean pipes, heating elements and a pump without calcium deposits demonstrably extend the life of your automatic machine and help it to retain its value.

      Only original CLARIS filter cartridges are matched precisely to JURA automatic machines in terms of composition and throughflow. Be sure to look out for the JURA seal of quality when buying filters. You will find this is well worthwhile.

      JURA Claris cartouche filtrante

      Filter capacity

      CLARIS provides the ideal water quality for the perfect speciality coffees. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends on the water hardness.

      • at 1-5° dH: up to 65 l

      • at 6-10° dH: up to 60 l

      • at 11-15° dH: up to 55 l

      • at 16-20° dH: up to 50 l

      • at 21-25° dH: up to 45 l

      • at 26-30° dH: up to 40 l

      JURA Claris certifié TÜV

      Une hygiène certifiée TÜV pour un café toujours Parfait

      L’organisme de contrôle international indépendant TÜV Rheinland a décerné à JURA le certificat attestant que ses machines automatiques sont irréprochables d’un point de vue microbiologique. Ce certificat octroyé selon des critères extrêmement stricts démontre que les produits d’entretien certifiés JURA, précisément adaptés aux programmes à commande électronique, garantissent la propreté et l’hygiène certifiée TÜV de toutes les machines à café JURA.

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      JURA Claris calcaire

      Limescale causes faults and impairs flavour

      When water is heated, limescale is deposited. Pipes narrowed by limescale not only slow down the heating process and therefore consume more energy, but may even cause the machine to break down completely. Limescale also has a negative effect on the coffee itself. Although a small amount of calcium carbonate is important to the flavour of coffee, too much gives the water an unpleasant aftertaste and prevents the coffee aromas from developing as they should, partly due to fluctuating water temperatures.
      JURA Claris détartrage

      CLARIS rend le détartrage superflu

      La qualité de l’eau est un facteur de goût décisif, le café en étant composé à 98 %. Outre du calcium, des sels minéraux et des fluorures, l’eau du robinet présente souvent aussi des traces de plomb, de cuivre, d’aluminium et de chlore. Directement placée dans le réservoir d’eau, la cartouche filtrante CLARIS filtre l’eau juste avant chaque préparation. Les substances nocives sont totalement absorbées, tandis que les fluorures importants sont conservés et jouent un rôle décisif
      d’exhausteurs de goût lors du déploiement des arômes. Une composition optimale de l’eau fait de chaque spécialité de café une expérience gustative généreuse. CLARIS rend par ailleurs le détartrage totalement

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