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      LELIT William PL72 coffee grinder

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      William PL72 is an on demand coffee grinder that brings together excellent performance and a design with a strong personality. 

      It combines quality and ease of use thanks to the micro-regulation. The LCC system manages all the grinding regulation parameters

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      Connoisseurs know : real espresso can only be extracted with freshly ground coffee.

      LELIT coffee grinders are distinguished by their refined construction and the precision of their grinding adjustment. With stainless steel bodies, they are ideal partners for LELIT espresso machines.

      LELIT William PL72 et Elizabeth moulin et machine espressosur bar à café


      Rotating the knob it is possible to precisely adjust the grinding degree indicated on it.

      Add/stop button

      To manually add more coffee and stop the grinding while dose is running.


      LELIT electronic control system to manage all the regulation parameters of grinding.

      Adjustable coffee chute

      Easily adjustable coffee chute to precisely direct the ground coffee into the portafilter.

      Filter holder support

      The height-adjustable pin allows to hook the filterholder to the coffee grinder during the grinding

      Coffee rest tray

      Easy to remove for an optimal cleaning, firmly anchored to the coffee grinder thanks to the magnetic self-locking mechanism

      Programmable parameters

      Le LCC (centre de contrôle LELIT) est un système électronique à écran graphique qui permet de programmer le temps de mouture pour 1 et 2 doses de café. L’écran affiche le nombre de préparations partiel* et total.

      *The partial counter can be reset to 0.


      données techniques

        • Burrs Flat
        • Burrs diameter 64 mm
        • Programmable doses Yes
        • Espresso productivity 2,8 g/s
        • Bean hopper capacity 350 g
        • Appliance body Brushed stainless steel
        • Power 470W
        • Voltage 120V - 60Hz
        • Width 14 cm / 5.5 inch
        • Height 38.5 cm / 15 inch
        • Depth 22.5 cm / 8.6 inch
        • Weight 6,6 kg / 14.5 lb