Conti X-ONE espresso machine

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      This mid volume simple and sleek design machine combines modern materials, intuitive controls, and effective technology to consistently surpasses expectations.


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      With class leading features, this model really is a jack of all trades!

      Available in a choice of colour finish, 2 or 3 group model and espresso or tall cup configuration, the X-ONE has something for everyone, whilst taking extraction to the next level.

      We’ve taken the proven technology from within the CC100 and ‘supercharged’ it, increasing capacity under pressure and offering further control to the operator.

      LELIT Kate latte art biscuit

      Coffee Quality

      • Pre-infusion setting to increase extraction consistency

      • Electronic temperature adjustment with PID


      • Unique software diagnostics provides the user with important maintenance advice such as cleaning, service and water filter change reminders – all displayed on digital screen

      • Cleaning cycles with sophisticated groups and monitoring steps on display

      • Possibility to programme the machine to automatically switch to ECO mode during quieter periods, then back on before service begins, saving staff and electricity costs and preserving life of machine components

      • Shot timers on the display

      • Automatic boiler refill

      • Mixed water outlet with possibility of temperature setting


      • Tall cup - spout height: 160mm

      • Comfortable workspace

      • Adjustable feet height

      • Steam wands activated by two-positions levers, making texturing milk simple and fast


      • Pump adjustable from outside

      • Work plan enlightened by LED technology