Training and tasting

The art of perfect espresso is the reason to be of EDIKA and there is lot of things to use and share in this fun and fascinating subject.

How to choose a coffee and how to control its freshness ? What is the right milling to get the desired taste and the intensity wanted ? Which is the ideal infusion temperature ? Which milk is best for a smooth foam or for latte art decorations ? Or just how does the espresso machine you just bought work ?

That's why EDIKA offers within its store trainings and tasting sessions to developp passionate coffee experts. Whether you are a customer through EDIKA and its dealers or simply a coffee lover interested in developping their knowledge, these services are offered face to face or by phone on simple demand.

Find our products close to you

As the exclusive representative of its brands on provincial (JURA, SCHAERER) and national (LELIT, EXPOBAR, TOUCHÉ) territories, EDIKA's distribution network spreads up to more than 130 points of sale all over Canada.

Advice and demonstrations

In each point of sales of EDIKA's network, a team of qualified advisers answer your questions about our products and offer you a demonstration. Thereby, be sure you will find THE right espresso machine for you before you own it.

Customer service : our network of approved technical centers

The products distributed by EDIKA are made to last. That's why a perfect customer service is essential for us. In this spirit, several points of sale have been accredited by EDIKA as "authorized technical centers".

They offer you an experimented and professionnal assistance as soon as you need it. Each technical center receive a constant training and undergo continuous quality controls, then you can entrust them in complete serenity.

Discover our "shop in shop" : a premium shopping experience

Some of our retailers provide a larger range of products, especially our new ones, optimally displayed and ready for a demonstration.

Use the retailer locator to find the nearest shop in shop.