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Performance Meets Desgin !

  • Steam wand with finesteam air injection and auto shut-off guarantees consistent milk texture and temperature while allowing users the freedom to multitask.
  • Revolutionary PEEK steam wand material dramatically lowers the wand’s surface temperature. Milk residue easily wipes clean, even later on after steaming. The PEEK steam wand is also much safer to touch right after steaming
  • Push-button operation allows even a novice to make great cappuccinos or lattes
  • Reminders can be programmed for maintenance activities such as cleaning and water softener changes, increasing operational life and reducing maintenance costs Dual bean hoppers with dedicated grinders for multiple bean types
  • 70-80 cappuccinos/lattes per hour (16oz)
  • 30 programmable selections
  • Grind, tamp and brew settings are programmable for each espresso selection
  • Temperature and texture settings (cappuccino & latte) are programmable for each steaming selection
  • Steams 32oz of milk in 1 minute
  • 70-80 cappuccinos/lattes per hour (16oz)
In figures
Voltage 208 V
Width 43 cm
Height 71 cm
Depth 56 cm

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