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      Crafted for medium-volume cafés, the SCODY II offers precise dosing and rich results on demand. Meet the Super Caimano On Demand II, or SCODY II, for short. This reliable grinder is designed to handle grinding up to 3 kg of coffee per day, making it perfect for medium-sized cafés.

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      The SCODY II comes with an easy to use multifunction display and timer and automatic dosing that triggers when the barista inserts the portafilter beneath the spout.

      • A compact footprint that fits easily on most espresso bars
      • A slow and steady RPM to minimise heat transfer to the beans
      • Our special declumping spout to ensure uniform extraction

      Upon request, the SCODY II can be equipped with stepless grind adjustments, titanium coated grinding discs, and a cooling fan.The SCODY II is the ideal doserless grinder for medium volume cafés.



        • Burr size 75 mm Value Value
        • Material burr Hardened steel Value Value
        • Tension and Frequency 120 V / 60 Hz Value Value
        • Power 450 W Value Value
        • Burr speed 800 tr/min Value Value
        • Grinding capacity 2-3 kg/day Value Value
        • Bean container holding capacity 2,0 kg  Value Value
        • Weight 14,1 kg Value Value
        • Width 19.5 cm / 7.48 po Value Value
        • Height 57.5 cm / 22.44 po Value Value
        • Depth 37 cm / 14.56 po Value Value
        • Color Noir Value Value