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      The Puqpress Mini is a smaller version of the popular Puqpress Q1, designed for home use.It automatically tamps your coffee with the perfect amount of pressure every time, ensuring consistency and preventing injuries from repetitive motions.

      It speeds up the workflow by freeing up your hands, and its non-stick coating prevents coffee from sticking to the tamper.With its sleek design and premium colours, the Puqpress Mini is a must-have for any coffee lover.

      All of our PuqPress stock is 58.3mm for precision baskets such as VST, IMS and Pullman

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      Tamps perfectly flat and level

      The super tough frame ensures all your tamps will be 100% flat

      Ajuste automatiquement la pression à votre dose :

      Do you change the dose? Still a perfect tamp

      Flawless colours and finishing

      MINI looks as stunning as his bigger siblings with it’s premium colors & matt finishing

      Works with naked portafilters

      Yes it does. For the smoothest extractions.


      • Spec title PUQPRESS MINI

        • Weight 6.61 lbs Value Value
        • Width 13.6 cm / 5.11 po Value Value
        • Height 27.2 cm / 10.62 po Value Value
        • Depth 18.1 cm / 7.08 po Value Value
        • Tension and Frequency 120 V / 60 Hz Value Value
        • Power 76 W Value Value
        • Duration circle 1.3 seconds Value Value
        • Suitable for All types of portafilters. Naked, Single and Double Spouted. Value Value
        • Non-Stick Finishing Yes Value Value
        • Fine Adjustment Lower Damp No Value Value
        • Force Adjustment Steps of 1kg in the range from 10 – 30kg Value Value
        • Colors Noir et Blanc Value Value