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      LELIT Mara PL62 espresso machine

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      The narrowest professional machine in its category, ideal for tight spaces.

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      Pro Line

      The E61 group head made the history of espresso by making it possible to brew the best espresso at home as in coffee shops.

      With those machines, the most compacts of their class, you get a technology refined over time, adjustable settings and prestigious, heavy-duty materials.

      Elegance and quality for the barista in you!

      A big legend in a small body

      Mara est au sommet du prestige dans le secteur des machines espresso résidentielles. Elle combine la meilleure technologie jamais produite - la légendaire tête de groupe E61 - et un incroyable corps compact tout en stainless.

      The result: a marvellous, appealing object enabling to apply baristas' golden rules and extract the most sensual espressos and cappuccinos you can dream of.

      The reasons of a legend

      La tête de groupe des machines Mara a fait sa première apparition en 1961 sur une machine italienne innovante de la compagnie FAEMA, la E61. Dès lors, elle est devenue immédiatement populaire parmi les connaisseurs comme la tête de groupe E61. Les raisons de cette popularité étaient directement liées à l'esthétique du design typiquement italien du produit. Mais aussi, les évolutions technologiques combinées dans cette tête de groupe ont permis d'améliorer considérablement non seulement la qualité des espressi mais aussi ceux de l'industrie toute entière.   

      LELIT Mara machine espresso tasse latte art croissant

      Milk coffees in a row

      Mara features a heat exchanger, a technology that allows to make espresso and steam milk simultaneously and, as a consequence, to make several milk coffees in quick succession. In a heat exchanger the water in the boiler is kept near the boiling point so as to produce steam on demand. This makes all the difference when trying to achieve silky, creamy milk for bar quality flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.

      A trust worthy taste indicator

      A perfect extraction derives from a balance between tamping strenght, brew water temperature, grinding settings and blend quality (both in terms of freshness and type). The brew pressure gauge built into LELIT machines shows whether the brew pressure is optimal. Too little pressure indicates an under extraction (insipid flavour), too much pressure indicates an over extraction (bitter, sour flavour). Enjoy yourself adjusting the 4M (Italian: Macchina, Macinatura, Miscela, Mano - Machine, Grinding, Blend and Tamping) as a real barista!

      Données techniques

        • Anti-burn nozzle Yes
        • Water tank capacity 2.5 L
        • Pump 15 bar
        • PID Yes (intern)
        • Capacity of the boiler 1500 mL
        • Boiler heat exchanger
        • Materials of the Boiler Copper and stainless steel
        • Group 58 mm
        • Accessories included 1 dose and 2 doses complete portafilters, blind filter, 35 L resin filter, 58.55 mm stainless steel tamper with red wooden handle.
        • Automatic cleaning system No
        • Indication for water shortage Acoustic alarm
        • Stand-by mode No
        • UPC 80094370003198
        • Appliance body Mirror polished stainless steel
        • Power 1400 watts
        • Voltage 120 volts - 60Hz
        • Weight 41.5 lb