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      March LELIT promotional package

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      • 58.55 tamper with black wooden handle 
      • 58mm leveler 
      • Microfiber cloth with brushes 

      58.55mm tamper :

      Ergonomic handle in black wooden

      Rings around the base help adjust the angle of the press to help it stay perfectly horizontal

      Small "mouth" that helps air flow around the press and reduces suction while the press is removed

      Perfectly flat stainless steel base

      Laser printed logo on the base

      Leveler :

      Pre-tamp stainless steel coffee leveler suitable for filters and filter holders ø57 mm or ø58 mm. Adjustable height and black aluminium handle.

      Linge microfibre avec pinceau et brosse :

      A microfiber cloth suitable for polished andbrushed surfaces

      A wooden brush with natural fiber bristles to removeall coffee residues from filters

      A small brush with nylon bristlesfor cleaning the delivery group.