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Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Blue
Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Blue


Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Blue

Product Code: JU71702
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79.95 $

3 or more 73.59 $
4 or more 71.95 $
For JURA commercial espresso machines only.

Use of CLARIS filter cartridges guarantees you freshly filtered, delicious-tasting water for your coffee or tea at all times. Designed especially for JURA automatic specialty coffee machines, it is coffee neutral and is placed directly in the water tank.
It offers three valuable benefits :
  • Guarantee that your water is freshly filtered before every preparation
  • Fresh water and unadulterated aromas guarantee your palate the coffe experience of a lifetime
  • Lifelong protection for your coffee machine (eliminating the need for descaling)
CLARIS from JURA is tough on scale, but gentle on your coffee machine.

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