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The c’2 Cameo is ideal in environments where quality and design combine with authenticity and price !

  • 140 to175 espresso per hour
  • 140 to175 cappuccino per hour
  • 150 Hot water portion per hour
  • Two products at the same time
  • e’ Foam, with Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system
  • Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system with heating/steaming module

e’FOAM System

The Eversys' improved Foam system provides a 2-step barista solution.

This generation of e'Foam allows you to texture the milk by product type. This is done through the Micro AirDosing (MAD) system controlled electronically, using the screen's steam wheel selector.


New Hot Water Option

The new hot water option offers variable temperatures.

The new Variable Tea Temperature (VTT) system allows you to adjust the temperature for any kind of tea, to provide a perfect infusion, using the screen’s hot water wheel selector.


e'Connect Technology

This leading-edge telemetry system allows you to track and process live data from anywhere in the world, to control consistency and performance, ensuring transparency, optimise service
maintenance and generate statistics.

Eversys can provide dashboards to enable you to converge data into simple reporting.


Barista Milk Style

Today's multiple milk recipes require variable milk textures.

With Eversys' new Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system it is possible to create individual milk foams and textures.

1. Grinding
2. Tamping
3.Température control
4. Brewing
5. Milk frothing


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