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Internationnally renowned Swiss brand, JURA has been developing innovative high-end household appliances since 1931. Since the middle of the 1980s, Jura is specialized in machines to high-end coffee and fully automatic and has become a synonym for the perfect "coffee experience."

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, JURA automatic coffee machines prepare sophisticated coffees to suit any taste.

All it takes is the touch of a button and you can enjoy a freshly ground, freshly extracted coffee and extract instantly at any time of the day.

Equipped with innovative and user friendly features, JURA machines have won many accolades for their outstanding technology and futuristic designs.
JURA in Quebec

JURA has a network of over 130 resellers throughout Quebec as well as a showroom and a technical center located at 10 118, Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montréal.


Your good personal taste decides for you

Coffee contains up 1000 different aroma compunds, making it one of the most aromatic of all foods. Nature has given us the perfect packaging to preserve the taste without impediment: the coffee bean. With a JURA automatic specialty coffee machine, you can choose from the virtually unlimited selection of fresh coffee beans available, according to your own personal taste.

Jura espresso machines are designed to get the best out of each blend and coffe roasting. To achieve this, the beans are freshly ground for each preparation, and the ground coffee is optimally compressed in the brewing unit and extracted under ideal conditions. Combined with hot milk and soft, light-as-air milk foam, watch classics and imaginative stylish creations unfold before your eyes at the touch of a button.

JURA is continually setting new standards in its range of specialties, the final product and opeation. The key to creating the perfect beverage is innovative technologies developed for one single purpose: to prepare coffee exactly the way you like at the touch of a button. At the end of the day, your personal taste is what it counts.

Maintenance at the touch of a button

For perfect coffee in the cup every time, it's important that you look after your machine on a daily basis and follow some simple rules of hygiene when it comes to milk, coffee and water. The integrated cleaning program of a JURA automatic specialty coffe machine reliably removes coffee fat, from the patented brewing unit to the coffee spout.

By using modern and innovative technologies, the cleaning programm is perfectly timed at 80 ° C (cleaning by hand is only possible up to about 40 ° C.). This guarantees optimum hygiene and cleanliness without the need to remove the brewing group and clean it manually. This is why every JURA machine has a maintenance-free brewing unit with self cleanind at the touch of a button thanks to the integrated maintenance programs.

CLARIS filter system

Anyone who has ever drunk fresh spring water knows that there can be a world of diffference between the pure elixir of life and the processed fluid that comes out of your taps.

Use of CLARIS filter cartridges guaranteees you freshly filtered, delicious tasting water for your coffee or tea at all times. Designed espacially for JURA automatic specialty coffee machines, it is coffee neutral and is placed directly in the water tank.

CLARIS from JURA is tough on scale, but gentle on the machine.

Technology makes the difference

The perfect coffee experience begins with the right ingredients. JURA therefore only uses high quality grinders with little wear and great durability. The ergonomic shape of the blades is ideally matched to the relevant grinder and makes gentle grinding possible. The flavours and the full bodied taste are thereby retained.

Different grinding levels allow the grinder to be precisely matched to the coffee beans used. A fine consistency of grind produces a longer extration time and a particularly intensive coffee flavour.

Intelligent preheating

The full variety of aromas comes into its own at the optimum brewing temperature. The fluid system cools down during breaks in the preparation which means that heat is lost between the heating element and brewing unit.

The intelligent preheating feature developed by JURA then steps in and individually compensates for various temperaure fluctuations, guaranteeing extraction at the optimum brewing temperature every time. An opulent taste sensation, crowned by a rich, delicate crema is produced by this incredible technology-for eveything from a blast of fiery ristretto to the rich lungo.

Brewing unit with variable brewing chamber

The patented brewing unit with variable brewing chamber is the most important part of any JURA automatic specialty coffee machine.

Thanks to its sophisticted design, it produces the perfect pressure and optimum brewing conditions for everythig between 5 and 16 grams (with two-cup machines) or 6 and 10 grams (with one-cup machines) of coffee. This allows you to adapt the intensity and the aroma of the coffee in accordance with your individual taste and the specialty that you would like to prepare.

As a result, not only do espressos have a kick, but specialty coffees with milk and milk foam taste all the more delightful because of the typical espresso flavour.

Fine foam technology

The innovative frothers were specially designed to finish specialty coffees with milk and milk foam. With revolutionary fine foam technology, they create a finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency to profesional barista standard. Inside the multichamber system, the milk is drawn in, heated and then frothed up the air.

The result is a milk foam like no other that caresses the palate and tongue and is ideal for decorating. Combined with superior quality coffee, this technology completely redefines the coffe expreirnece. It's a difference you can both see and taste.

Outstanding design

In a increasing number of households, the kitchen is changing from a room for working to a room for communating. It is the place to meet family and guests. Accordingly, we also regard automatic specialty coffee machines as interior design items with which you can express your good taste.

Our simple « Nordic Design » has an athletic appeal, combining harmoniously tense lines with clear surfaces. The overall impression is rounded off by great attention to detail and high-quality materials with a unique feel.

We regard a design as successful if it still looks fresh and unused ever after years have passed. For us, winning internationally renowned design prizes confirms that we are creating products that are highly pleasing to the eye and encourages us to coninue doing so.

A tradition of quality

JURA was founded in 1931 in Niederbuchsiten in the Swiss canton of Solothurn. This small village is located about half way between Zurich and Berne, at the southern end of the Jura mountains. Indeed, these are the mountains after wich the company is named.

For 60 years, JURA predominantly sold its wide range of domestic appliances in Switzerland. In 1991, a conscious shift was made towards automatic coffe machines and a international stance. JURA developed into a global player. It is now one of the 50 most valuable Swiss brands and achieves around 86 percent of its sales outside the nation's borders.

All automatic specialty coffe machines are developed in Switzerlnd and produced in line with stringent Swiss quality standards. Striving for perfection is part and parcel of the way the workforce thinks at JURA and the company's business partners. High-quality, robust and durable products are the result of their creativity.

Consciously handling valuable resources

JURA designs machines to give you many years of pleasure providing they are maintained properly. This philosophy is a deliberate reaction against the throw-away mentality. Coffe machines stand for the perfect coffee result from fresh beans. They offer a free choice of coffee and avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

JURA has for years pursued a consistent policy of developping energy-saving technologies. For example the first IMPRESSA back in 1994 was equipped with an automatic switch-off feature. Today the unique Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©) can be used to adjust JURA machines to suit the way you like to enjoy your beverages. It offers an ernergy-saving potential of up to 40 percent. When E.S.M.© is activated, specialty coffees are prepared after a short heating-up period.

The Zero-Energy Switch reduces stanby energy to less than 0,1 W. Jura is therefore already complying with the strict statutory values wich will come into force in 2013 (maximum permitted : 0,5 W) in fact the company goes five times further than that.

Roger Federer, a charismatic ambassador of the brand

Without doubt, the tennis genius can be described as a Swiss world star without airs or graces. Roger Federer embodies everything people admire in a profesionnal and has not just become a sporting icon, but a Swiss one too.
Cooperation with the exceptional athlete and coffe lover represents a stroke of good fortune for JURA. Like all JURA products, he offers convincing authenticity, naturalness and uniqueness.

Roger Federer sets high standards for himself and his equipment. Only the best is good enough for him, and it's no surprise to learn that this is equally true when it comes to coffee. He prefers it made with fresh beans, freshly ground and freshly extracted at the touch of a button. He knows that anyone who really loves coffee must make JURA thur first port of call.

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